Guided sessions to cultivate mindfulness and inner peace.

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Suitable for all levels.

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Benefits of attending classes

Cultivates mindfulness and presence in daily life.
Stress Reduction
Reduces stress and promotes inner peace.
Emotional Well-being
Enhances emotional well-being and mental clarity.

Class Explained

Meditation classes involve guided sessions designed to cultivate mindfulness, inner peace, and mental clarity. This practice includes various meditation techniques such as mindfulness meditation, loving-kindness meditation, and visualization to help participants focus their minds, reduce stress, and achieve a state of inner calm. Meditation is a powerful tool for enhancing emotional well-being, improving concentration, and fostering a deeper connection with the self.

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What Our Clients Say

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This place so beautiful, peaceful and really zen. Both their outdoor and indoor studio are really comfortable.They have friendly staff, they help you if you need assistance or an information about the class. And their incredible teachers two thumbs up 👍👍.

Shinta Dayu


Couldn’t recommend more! Travelling Bali and booked a yoga class and it was amazing! The location is so beautiful and staff couldn’t be friendlier. Amazing high quality yoga class and free Jamu shot from cafe next door! Couldn’t recommend more, a must have place to go in Bali!

Kate Cronin


The studio is the hidden gem. All of the instructors are fantastic, the space is very welcoming, has an amazing energy and makes you feel right at home. All the teachers are approachable, always have time to answer your questions and happy to help you on your yoga journey.

Julia S


A beautiful yoga studio in Pererenan. I am a regular here because the studio has great teachers. My favorites are Bernd (Vinyasa) and Alyssa (Power Yoga).

Rini Raharjanti


I did my first class at The Path Yoga Center today with Bernd and this is the very first studio I have visited that managed to get every single thing right. The receptionist was super friendly, the place is beautiful, the studio is clean and the class itself was wholesome, fun, informative, inspiring, seemed to work for all levels and offered variations as well as a trauma-informed, modern approach.

Hannah Ladda


I really enjoyed the class with Marc. I appreciated the balance of physical, will, intention. It had a nice progression aiming towards the main pose. I highly recommend.

Christopher J Ward


Best class I have been to so far! We went to the sunset flow with Mary and had the most wonderful class. It was simply perfect from start to finish! Mary knew exactly how to warm up all the areas we used later on in the class and therefore it felt effortless.

Jolie Rochell


Beautiful space and great teachers. Had lovely asana class with Shannon, she’s caring and attentive to a beginner like me. Love the online philosophy class with Bernd, such a wonderful , deep and funny teacher he is.

Asiyah Zahro


I discovered The Path a few months ago and even though I travel a lot, I always come back to enjoy Lala and Aino's classes. Lala and Aino were great.Thanks to Lala, I discovered a new, deeper facet of yoga. With her I learned to breathe and therefore naturally to meditate. It had a real impact on my life. I am deeply grateful. Thanks again ❤️

Maud Gatellier


Very happy to have a beautiful space that also has a warm heart - often in Bali you only get one or the other. The shala is stylish but functional, and there is also already a sense of community here - no doubt from having a well known teacher like Bernd on the schedule. Great classes, I would only like to see a Nidra included somewhere :)

Amy Patsalides


The place is absolutely beautiful and the teaches/classes are amazing. Bernd (one of the teachers) is very knowledgeable, the flow of his classes are very nice; and he always offer an easier version of the postures making it a good class for pretty much all levels!

Perla Schaarschmidt


The yoga studio is a peaceful and welcoming place to practice yoga. The instructors are knowledgeable and provide clear and encouraging guidance throughout each class. The studio is well-maintained and equipped with all the necessary props and mats. The class schedule is diverse and offers a range of styles and levels to suit different needs and preferences.

Dasha Uvarova


I’m currently an online-only student, and this particular class was fantastic, blending Hatha holds with one-breath flows. As always, Bernd is a 10/5 instructor and manages to walk that line between showing + telling - all while managing to still hold space for his students, making them feel safe to try new things - even through the screen. That’s a fantastic gift to have.

Carolyn Cochran


Such a beautiful place to practice Yoga! Loved the atmosphere, it’s very quiet and peaceful so you can fully enjoy and dive into your practice.The teachers are amazing! Loved my class with Bernd. His teaching style is super comprehensible, offering different variations and his adjustments make all the difference. It’s amazing that he brings in his theoretical knowledge into his teachings!

Jasmin Flick


Saw reviews and photos on google map. Thot I’d try it out. No regrets. The studio was beautiful. How calming to hear birds chirping, yoga cat complaining ❤️ in background, see greenery while in downward dog. The lead teacher Bern wasnt there but the 2 classes I did was lead by very good and experienced teachers.

Teri Soh